Getting my own room

Since our house has 3 rooms and my brother left, I now have my own room for the first time ever. It is not the first time to stay in a room alone though. For over a year, while my brother began his medical studies in my home country, I was left alone in our room. I have to say though, if you never had a room only you slept in, you are missing out. I turned off the lights whenever I wanted to and switched on or off the air conditioner to my liking and I did not worry about making noise (at least not as much). There were 2 beds in my previous room and almost half of the things in the cabinet were not mine. I'll only have one bed in my new room because it would be crammed otherwise. I estimate that it is 3x3 meters so it is not spacious. The previous room was at least 5x5 meters so I had more than double the space. I plan on getting a big table or desk for my laptop and my studies and a smaller table as a nightstand. I am not exactly certain how the layout will be because I have 3 pairs of wall plugs and one of them is turned off when the light switch is off (Weird I know, but it is the only way to set up normal lighting). My bed and mattress's height unfortunately would not allow me to plug anything If the bed was in any corner. I am not sure how to clearly explain it but I'll perhaps find a way to still have all plugs usable while my bed is somewhere good. I spent the day sorting out my room and playing some games with my friends back in Saudia Arabia. No studying was done at all. I hope to get back to a good routine tomorrow. Once I get my ID I plan on going out more to be more social. It is not easy to just go out and be social so I really hope I do not just stay home. Nothing more to say about my day.

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