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I am not even sure how this day got by so fast. I wake up to an alarm I set to 0900 so I can wake up at that time instead of the 1200-1300 that I usually do. I woke up very tired because I slept very late the night before. I guess in my tiredness wisdom I decided to take a small lie down so I could restore a bit of energy and BAAM. It is 3 hours later. I got up and watched some videos on my phone and then got up to take a cold shower. Cold showers are cool to restore energy but I do not feel as clean as a hot one. Anyway, I made some hotdogs to then go to a furniture store with my mother. We returned at like 1700. I then spent a few hours watching videos on how to make a gym workout routine because I am hoping to go to one the moment I get some sort of ID. I am probably gonna choose the Push/Pull/Leg workout routine. I got the general gist of it but I want to finalize it to avoid some workouts that do include flexion, extension, side-flexion, and rotation. These are the things that are not recommended for people with scoliosis to do. A lot of people told me that due to my slim physique, I'll see gym results very quickly. I am glad that is the case because that will help me love the gym more and get addicted to it. A healthy addiction, finally. After a few hours of watching videos, I made mac and cheese. Afterward, I went to my aunt's because some family members came to visit them. I just came back from there and I am interested in knowing their grandfather that came along with them. I guess I have a thing for old people. I see them full of wisdom over the years. I just want to say that I did not study for this day too. This is the 3rd day in a row. I probably can not study tomorrow too but I really hope to get back in rhythm after that.

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