Day 10?

Woke up at ~9 after a few times of using the snooze button. I then researched a bit about dropshipping. It would be an interesting area to perhaps have some income. Today in my prayers I tried to take it a bit slow. I saw a video talking about a 5:4 rule. For each prayer action, I would repeat the words 5 times, and each 2 rak'ah prayer should take 4 minutes. Meaning I will start taking 2 minutes per rak'ah. This would hopefully make me better at praying and closer to Allah SWT. On the dropshipping thing, I am researching a bit but I am not ready for it just yet. It is not free but it is cheap to drop ship. I think I'll struggle most with finding my niche (but I think it should be computer/tech-related as I have experience in that field), marketing, and having a shopfront. Which is basically all aspects regarding dropshipping. I may go a different route and go with Print-on-demand (POD) instead. I did no game today but I wasted a lot of time on my phone. However, for some reason, I did not feel like I wasted my day. I guess I just feel guilty when I game. I think it is day 10 as this is the 10th note in my #listed tag. I do like private journaling and it is a cool way of clearing my head. If I ever felt the need to know what happened on a specific day, I could easily go back to whatever I wrote on said day. Thus I could feel time passing by.

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