30 days to election

President Trump

Our thoughts and prayers go out to President Trump and the First Lady and everyone else who has been infected for a quick recovery from coronavirus.


Political parties are volunteer organizations. Volunteers are the lifeblood of an election season. Please consider spending four hours at a voting location handing out literature - this is critical to success. To select a location and time, just go here and sign up for the early voting tents, for supporting in the headquarters, or other areas where your help will matter.

Early Voting

Absentee voting.
If you have requested your absentee ballot, you need to send in your absentee ballot. Do it now.

Early voting schedule and procedures.
If you are not voting absentee, I strongly encourage you to vote during the early voting period. Don't wait until the last minute and have something prevent you from going to the polls on election day.

You can vote at any one of the early voting locations in Chatham County. You are not restricted to your precinct during early voting (but you must vote at your Precinct voting location on Election Day, November 3).

Early voting locations

Location Address
Goldston Goldston Town Hall, 40 Coral Avenue, Goldston NC 27252
Apex New Hope Baptist Church, 581 New Hope Church Rd, Apex NC 27523
Siler City Paul Braxton Gym, 115 S 3rd Ave, Siler City NC 27344
Governors Village 40150 Moring, Chapel Hill NC 27517
Pittsboro Ag & Conference Center, 1192 US-64 Business, Pittsboro NC 27312
Pittsboro CCCC Health Science Center, 75 Ballentrae Ct (off of 15-501 on the west), Pittsboro NC 27312

Voting hours

Day and Date Open Close
Weekdays Oct 15 - Oct 30 8 AM 7:30 PM
Saturday, Oct 17 and Oct 24 8:00 AM 3 PM
Saturday, Oct 31 8 AM 3 PM
Sunday, Oct 18 and Oct 25 Noon 3 PM

Sample Ballots

If you would like a sample ballot, you can see one here, you can pick up one at the Chatham GOP headquarters, or get one at the early voting locations - look for the red tent!

Absentee Ballot Shenanigans

Have you been following the absentee ballot controversy? In a nutshell:

  1. The NC State Legislature wrote some laws on how to handle absentee ballots.
  2. The left did not like the rules, and wanted different rules to harvest ballots.
  3. Democrat out-of-state attorneys and the League of Women Voters sued the Democrat North Carolina Attorney General to change the rules.
  4. The voting starts.
  5. The Democrat Attorney General and the Democrat-controlled State Board of Elections 'agree' to consent to the Democrat out-of-state attorney demands.
  6. These demands do not follow the law, so the Trump campaign and the NCGOP begin legal action.
  7. The Democrat-controlled State Board of Elections sends letters to the County Board of Elections members that they must follow the State Board of Election rules, along with a not-so-subtle hint that County Board members who do not agree can be removed by the State.
  8. Oops! A United States Judge finds that the State Board of Election new rules do not follow the law.
  9. So, now what? Who knows, but it just shows how far the left will go, in the midst of an election that has already started, to make sure that their candidates win no matter what.

Final thoughts

Can you feel the momentum in Chatham County? It's with our conservative values from the Presidential Race to the Local Races. I heard a quote about the difference between our President and former Vice President Biden:

Paraphrasing, President Trump believes in the greatness of America, our Constitution, and our values; Biden is controlled by people who want to destroy the foundation of our Nation. You need to vote accordingly.

And for a historical quote that speaks to much of our current issues:

Americans are so enamored of equality that they would rather be equal in slavery than unequal in freedom.

― Alexis de Tocqueville

Exhaurire palude

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