20 days to election

Early Voting Starts Tomorrow

To see the early voting locations and times, go here and look for the October 4 email posting. If you need a copy of the sample ballot, one is here.


Thanks to all the volunteers who have worked so hard this far in the election. Please continue to do so. If you are not receiving our volunteer emails, let us know you can help. We still need volunteers for our Red Tents at the polling places.

Thanks to everyone who donated after my appeal for volunteers and for donations to purchase more Trump signs. With your help we purchased another 400 Trump signs that are arriving this weekend. I can only guess that a lot of Democrats want the signs for souvenirs as they sometimes disappear as fast as we can put them out.

Thanks to the Board of Elections members and staff. They have been working hard to count absentee ballots and plan for a safe and secure election.

Go vote!

Get your family to vote! Get your friends to vote! We need a blowout election to tamp down any potential issues after Election Day. You can see what we are up against when you look at the numbers from absentee balloting so far:

  • Percent of all Chatham Democrats who have voted absentee: 18.2%
  • Percent of all Chatham Unaffiliated who have voted absentee: 12.2%
  • Percent of all Chatham Republicans who have voted absentee: 5.5%

Don’t wait until election day. Get out and vote starting tomorrow.

Remember to vote for all three commissioner candidates (Pharr, Stobbs, and Wilkie), for both conservative board of elections candidates (Armstrong and Lewis), for all of the conservative judicial candidates, for our local representatives (Glendinning and Gilson), for the Republican state-wide candidates, and of course for President Trump.

And finally, some great words from a Gene P, a Texan who knows of what he speaks:

“… each of you think of ALL the men and women who built, protected, defended and supported this country from day one.  They were great, strong willed individuals who fought like hell to be sure America was created and then stayed safe… .

Trump is fighting a war for you, me, our families and the nation.  He cannot afford to lose.  We cannot afford for him to lose… .

So here is what you need to do. No more turning off the TV. No more hunkering down and pulling the bed sheets over your head. No more wishing for the end of the campaign. The next 30 days will determine the winner. We need to get up off our collective butts, screw up some courage and help this man – … our President - help this country by winning re-election. Send emails, volunteer, knock on doors, raise money, phone bank – you name it we all need to do it. LOSING THIS ELECTION IS NOT AN OPTION!
— Gene P.

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