Fifty-one Reflection - 51

As I enter the second half of my #100days challenge, I wanted to write a reflection on what I wrote back at Listed - 0.

I am incredibly happy that I have gone with a pseudonymous blog over one connected to my real-life identity. I feel empowered, freed from self-censorship - and I don't even post anything personal here. The words that I wrote in my first post here sum it up:

Essentially, I'm here because I need a place where I can write without pressure, constraint, or expectation.

Pseudonymity is perfect here. I feel as though I somewhat have a reputation to keep up; this prevents me from shitposting or saying things that I don't mean. That said, those are the only real stakes here. Thus, my writing limits are as follows:

  • write what you are interested in writing about
  • don't say stupid shit

Regarding my first sentence:

My brain generates a lot of ideas.

Writing every day has significantly increased the amount of ideas I am creating and showing to the world - even 'the world' here means the two people that left me feedback in the guestbook.

(Thanks for that, by the way. Guestbook messages are enormously encouraging to find, even if they're one sentence long.)


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