Note 13

I told myself that I would write here more since I'm on break so here I am. I've finalized my list of schools: Stanford (haha not gonna happen), Northwestern, WashU, Johns Hopkins, and Rice. Of them all I think I have a decent shot at WashU and Northwestern so here's hoping. For Stanford I'll probably be blunt and very matter of fact in my essays. I'll put forth enough effort that I'll have a little hope but I know that's probably not going to happen. I'm currently starting up a new project which will detect facial expressions using OpenCV and will open up a reddit post from r/makemesuffer if you're happy. That'll be fun, and a good step forward in terms of project complexity. A big one honestly. But, I also have to make a discord bot that checks reactions to messages and gives data. Hopefully that isn't too difficult, I mean the documentation is helpful but writing seems convoluted. Hopefully that works out. I'll try to write again in the next two weeks before classes start up again. I need this next quarter to go well for a good shot. I definitely need to put more effort in studying, I don't think I really studied this quarter. Here's to working harder.

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