#100Days, Day 17 And Weekly Accountability for May 24th

Today was a pretty good day overall. As luck would have it, I got a call from my team at work this morning. It was at least late enough in the morning that I was already up after sleeping in.

So, about 30 minutes of work today to put out the fire at work, then resumed my rest and relaxation. My wife was supposed to leave early today, but instead, drama erupted at her work and she ended up leaving an hour later than her usual time.

It's almost like there a force out there that senses the energy of people that are about to do something enjoyable like leave early, or try to take a day off, and then the energy says, "Well, we can't have that now, can we?" And then proceeds to shit all over our plans.

I laugh as I write this because, well, because it kinda seems to be the case.

Anyways, I binged on a bunch of YouTube, and just vegged out. Not a bad way to spend my day. Just some peace and quiet, and learning stuff on YouTube, especially about Stoicism. There's a video I found that was a whiteboard animation set to a Time Ferris talk about how he found Stoicism, and broke it down into practical terms. Great talk.

Ok, now for my weekly accountability.

Weekly Accountability for May 24th, 2019

This Week's Goals (24 May 2019)

  • Enroll in professional copywriting course (STILL, and yet STILL Overdue)
  • More decluttering and minimizing (Overdue)
  • Relax over the weekend [Done, yay me!]
  • Brainstorm value propositions I can offer as a professional business/technical writer
  • Give my roadster a bath and a nice polishing (Overdue)
  • Take one step toward additional decluttering (Overdue)
  • Apply the "realistic expectations" principle I wrote about yesterday [Done, and have noticed a big different in my patience levels]

Next Week's Goals for May 31st

  • Enroll in that darn copywriting course!
  • Actually do some decluttering
  • Branstorm value propositions
  • Continue to apply realistic expecations to my everyday dealings and surroundings

Goals For The Month of May

  • Complete half of my copywriting course
  • Define business niche and create ideal client profile
  • Establish content strategy for upcoming business writing service website
  • Made at least 4 contacts for upcoming business writing service
  • Solidified professional freelance profiles for LinkedIn, Upwork, etc.
  • Continue 100 Day Writing Challenge

Short Term Goals (within 6 months)

  • Complete a professional copywriting course by July 1st, 2019
  • Become a professional business and copywriter by August 1st, 2019 (by obtaining first paying client)
  • Establish processes for lead capturing
  • Develop client experience workflow from prospect to final delivery of product

Long Term Goals (a year or longer)

  • Be able to quit day job and go full time freelance by December 31st, 2020

What Went Right This Week

  • Found solace in spending quality time with my wife and a friend
  • Discovered something about myself I didn't realize before and could perhaps help me with my anger and anxiety (personal development)
  • Kept busy throughout the week to get some really good work done

What Can Be Done Better Next Week

  • Move closer to short and long term goals by enrolling in copywriting course (STILL!)
  • Show more patience towards others, especially towards less than cooperative co-workers (failed last week AND this week, but maybe next week)
  • Commit to even more to personal development

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