Personal Theory of Everything

I've started my own personal wiki. In other words a personal catalog of knowledge.

I'd like to think that I have a somewhat increasingly valuable pool of knowledge. It's my own personal "theory of everything".

It's a theory only I can make, as it stems from my personal experiences in life, so it is somewhat unique.

It's not so much knowledge as it is [connections/relationships/etc] A human is good a pattern recognition, and finding the connections between things.

I will see different patterns and make different connections than someone else, and that knowledge is only accessible in my head.

I think every human in life should make their own "theory of everything"

And maybe every 100 years, we collect everyone's theories and compare them against each other. Maybe run them thru some AI that can gleam some special data from a cross examination.

Maybe that's how we further the human race and figure out what we're all meant to do.

Because what if I were to die? than my knowledge/theory would be lost forever.

So this way, i will put in my will the location of my personal Wiki, so that when I die, someone will find it, and maybe they can add some stuff to their own personal "theory of everything"

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