If I Just Let My Mind Wander, How Far Will It Go?

If I just let my mind wonder, how far will it go?

The man was eating rice in the window. I looked throw, cupping my hands on the glass. It was cold outside and there was condensation fogging up the window. I tapped on the glass to get his attention. He startled, flinching in his chair, as rice bounced out of his bowl, into the air, and back into the bowl.

He turned to me, squinting at first, and then he reached for glasses in his front shirt pocket. He seemed to have a friendly disposition, as if it was no bother that I had suddenly perturbed him from his meal.

He motioned me to come hither, his bony finger oscillating back and forth. As there were no actual walls in whatever place this was, I simply walked around to face him.

With the same hand that motioned me to come over, he turned his palm to face me, and then emitted some force power to lift my body up in the air. He then shot me away into the sky at super sonic speeds.

I looked down at the world below as the tiny scene of the man and his rice and the window vanished.

The world was a white void. I had no frame of reference for where I was going.

I then blasted through what seemed to be a panel in some sort of dome like structure that was containing this white void.

Was it painful?

No. Not as much as I thought.

What happened next?

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