Nothing inspiring these synapses ain’t firing
What the hell is blocking me from getting to my destiny

Where is that art juice I need to be struggling
If you don’t use it you lose it so get the water boiling


Feels like my whole life, I’ve been asleep
now I wake up asking what was my dream
Spend so much time getting lost in my mind
What’s it all for, just a long endless grind


But I don’t lose hope, this is such a beautiful place
just get out of your head and fly a rocket to space

Look back on the planet with your clean eyes
You might see the true beauty, to your own demise

Come back down to earth and get back in my bubble
It’s comfortable here I guess that’s the true struggle

Crack open my soul I’m more delicate than I thought
I should have listened to you right from the start

It’s no matter I’ll find my own way
pick up the pieces and just fly away

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