Lesson 64 (Intermediate 1A Lesson 2): Introductions, Continued

This is a short post, and yet I did not sit down to write it until now, a week after the lesson. (It's the second day of the Lunar New Year, which is a public holiday, so there's no lesson today.)

Given the pace last lesson, I thought we'd finish the chapter this week. But as I mentioned, there was an additional sheet this time.

It turns out that they were dialogues taken from different shows, and related to the first chapter. The longest was only 3 lines. Those on the first page were all related to introductions. On the second page was a longer dialogue to do with the "or" grammar point.

We started with just listening to the audios (without watching the accompanying video) and looking at the transcript. After that, we were split into breakout rooms to practise each of the conversations. Only after returning to the main room did we see the video. Going through all this took almost half an hour.

In the textbook, we completed up to p. 33, stopping just before the second Speaking section.

However, the homework (which I've not completed) is the Reading and Writing from this chapter.


Korean English Notes
말씀드리다 to speak (humble) humble form of 말다, like how 드리다 is the humble form for 주다
최신형 the latest model
변호사 lawyer 辯護士
상사 superior; boss 上司, at work
하숙 boarding house
하숙생 boarder at a boarding house
전학 transfer (to another school) 轉學
설거지를 하다 to do the dishes
취미 hobby
Chinese zodiac sign e.g. 닭띠 = year of the Rooster; 돼지띠 = year of the Pig

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