Lesson 75 (Intermediate 2 Lesson 2)

We started this lesson with Quizlet, after the teacher asked the student who went to Korea last week on a few things about her situation there.

Quizlet was individual (no groups), 2 rounds:

  • Given English word, select Korean definition
  • Given Korean word, select English definition

Then, we finished the last grammar point for this chapter. Compared to the ones from the previous lesson, this one was considerably easier.

After that, it was the video script (this is what the teacher calls it, so I’ll use this name from now on), and then the textbook.


4. V-고 나서

This is used to indicate that an action or event has been completed, and another action or event follows.

It is very similar to V-고 that was introduced way back in Lesson 19.1

The 나서 portion can be omitted, but adding it clarifies that the fact that the first action has been completed and ended before the second.


  1. 일을 하고 나서 숴어요. (I rest after finishing work.)
  2. 어제밤에 텔레비전을 보고 나서 잤어요. (Last night, I slept after watching television.)
  3. 마리코 씨가 가고 나서 스티븐 씨가 왔어요.

Video Script

There were a total of 5 dialogues for this chapter. In total, they took up 3 pages.

We listened to the dialogue while watching the video. The teacher usually will replay the part just before the blanks a few times for us to hear it again.

After that, the teacher played another version of the videos that came with subtitles.

After going through dialogues 1–3, we split into pairs to practise reading dialogue 1 and 3. (2 is a shorter dialogue that we skipped.)

After that, repeat for dialogues 4–5, listening and watching the videos without subs, then watching with subs. The second time around the breakout room was with a different partner.


For the textbook, we covered from the start of the chapter until page 121, which is the page before Speaking 2. It covered all the grammar points.

However, we skipped the activity on page 119 that comes after Speaking 1.

The activities are getting a bit harder, especially when they require thinking of a response. I think I should review the textbook before the lesson and prepare in advance. For one of the activities it was really hard for me to think of anything on the spot. I’m sure there will only be more of these in future.


Korean English Notes
결정하다 to decide
문장 sentence
준비물 things to prepare
치약 toothpaste
비누 soap
속옷 underwear
짐을 풀다 to unpack luggage 짐을 싸다 = to pack luggage
착하다 to be nice, to be kind Seems that this is kind of old. Native Korean. Not sure of difference with 친절하다
외모 appearance
마음이 넓다 to be broad-minded, to be generous
여권이 나오다 to issue a passport
서류 document
신분증 identification card
가족여행 family vacation
연휴 long weekend continuous holiday 連休
잘 꾸미다 to dress well; to present well
패키지여행 package tour 패키지여행을 하다
자유여행 free travel 자유여행을 하다
게스트하우스 guesthouse
유스호스텔 youth hostel
보너스 bonus 보너스를 받다
마치다 to bring something to an end 한국어 공부를 마치고 나서 대학원에 가려고 해요.
화장을 하다 to put on make-up


  • Complete the workbook for Chapter 5
  • Reading & Writing (in Textbook) for Chapter 5


  • Students: 6 out of 6
  • Breakout room activities: Yes, random

  1. There was another -고 that does not imply sequential order, but the one in this chapter is closer in meaning to the very first one. 

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