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Note 789

I'm going to create an energy drink called WISDOM, where each flavour is named after a different philosopher and has a blurb briefly explaining their beliefs ~


Kant maintains that understanding of the external world has its foundations not merely in experience, but in both experience and a priori concepts, thus offering a non-empiricist critique of rationalist philosophy. "Act only in accordance with that maxim through which you can at the same time will that it become a universal law." His theory states that an action can only be good if its maxim — the principle behind it — is duty to the moral law, and arises from a sense of duty in the actor.

Brilliant raspberry with a hint of lemon


Note 785

Why are abortion laws are so divisive? I get that there is a case to be made for the "candidate member", that unborn children may be entitled to some statutory rights, which I even happen to agree with, but if you don't give women the power to uphold their own moral imperatives then you are removing any and all responsibility they have to those imperatives. You're creating irresponsible mothers. Then you're shooting yourself in the foot economically, socially, etc. You can't create any sort of robust society if you make brood mares of your women, having them pump out litters of mewling runts not even they as mothers can love.

If we gave women the power to solve this issue they would. And they'd solve it because they are the life givers. They have a vested interest in solving it. If it were up to men we'd eat our young and any man who claims otherwise is lying. My kids ought to know how narrowly they escaped my plate and appreciate their mother all the more.

And men who think they have the right to force women to carry their child to term may themselves be a living endorsement of why that's a bad idea. Not to mention how entitled it is. Don't get me wrong, I understand that abortion can have an emotional impact on would-be fathers but certainly no more than would-be mothers. And you can express your distress without an injunction. You're not dealing with a mound of dirt.

Of course, the ability to bear children is enviable. That women are capable of the ultimate act of creation is probably something they will never live down. But men shouldn't pretend that if they could bear children that they wouldn't have abortions; that's some self-righteous bullshit. Of course they would. And even though bearing children is a truly magnificent function, women should no more be defined by it than men are defined by their inability to do so since one informs the other. So defining women this way is only feeding your own inferiority complex, probably leading to that irrational fear of the mythical succubus that would devour your manhood (and destroy your seed). It's as if they think that women are inherently evil. Oh wait... THEY DO! Remember Adam and Eve? Thing is, if you bring up women telling them they're evil do you think that's less likely to produce evil women?

Women are evil and can't help but give way to temptation, it's just in their nature. By the way, don't eat that apple (wink). What sort of fucked up reverse psychology is this? You're a despicable creature that can't control itself, can't be trusted and will inevitably betray us all. By the way, don't cheat on me or I'll murder you.

It's almost as if (some [definitely not me]) men think they deserve to be betrayed and so create this self-fulfilling prophesy in order to project their guilt onto women whom they then punish for it.

Note 518

Payback's a brick,
One way or the other.
I collect bricks
To throw at my mother.
Missed her again!
Just my fucking luck.
I'll give her this,
She knows how to duck.

Note 785

I won't ask that you agree with my opinion, only that you compare it to your own and inevitably find that mine is better.

Note 784

Art is a submissive thing and it is no wonder, since its aim is to uplift the human spirit, and it is far easier to push than it is to pull, it does this lifting from below. But it is also a dominant thing in that it does not conform to its master's will to resist being lifted.

Note 783

I am okay with absolutely anything in this world so long as it can be questioned. As soon as somebody says to me, "That's the way it is. That's the way I am. You must accept it," I say good luck and goodbye. Not a damn thing anywhere is just the way it is... not a person, not a dog, not a rock. Everything is liable to change and everything must change because we are relying on it to change and if it doesn't, it tends hurts the other things around it.

Note 782

I try to channel my ego into my art [this is my art]. I am collecting all the asshole energy other people waste on me and attempting to transform it into one giant motherfucker of a masterpiece.

Note 779

I think owning a gun would be awesome because then any time you had to make a decision you could just put it up against your head.

"What's it gonna be asshole?"

"Are you gonna buy that donut or are we gonna end it all, right here, right now?"

"Don't be startled ma'am, this is just my decision making process."

Note 778

I'm going to sue big tobacco for false advertising when I don't get cancer. If I've been smoking for 60 years and I'm still not dead, I expect compensation [my retirement plan]. They've been exploiting smokers for years now with their false cancer advertisements. Many of these paying customers aren't even dying of smoking related illnesses. It's all a ploy to keep us alive longer so that they can make more money off of us. And now they have vaping, because nothing screams badass like sucking on an electronic penis that ejaculates bubble gum flavoured cum clouds into your mouth. They say vaping is 99% safer than smoking, which is fucking typical of this day and age, where even the cancer is fake.

Note 172

I think women are telepathic and they're just not telling us. It's the world's biggest conspiracy.

Note 776

JUST IN: Women in Afghanistan Banned From Laughing as Impotence Epidemic Is on the Rise

Our correspondent spoke to a local man about the situation who responded, "This epidemic is only growing, it's getting much larger, it's increasing in size."

He was later jailed for innuendo.

[It is forbidden for women to laugh in public under sharia law.]

Note 775

Fake News Media Inc. responded to critics today, saying that reports questioning the legitimacy of their content were "a complete fabrication."

CEO Mike Michalson added, "I'm the rubber, you're the ruler... or something like that."

Note 774

I can't
what the flea that means
what's a green?
a kind of bean?
bean = greens
greens = bean
don't you remember the song?
greeny beany, greeny beany
greeny beany, not beany greeny
I don't
what the floor
that's a metaphor for
for for, for for, for for for