Decluttering is a lot like losing weight. You quickly realize how much easier it can be to accumulate than let go. All the inner negotiating, the hesitation, the uncertainty, the second guessing, the potential regret. Will I need this later? Am I being wasteful? Should I sell this or donate it or give it to friends or leave it on the street? Where's the best place to donate? Can I get a better price for this? And the grieving that can kick in when some things are let go of...

Like with weight loss, overdo it and you risk yoyo-ing and binging later. Gotta take your time, not be too impulsive. If it feels urgent, you may have stressors that you need to deal with. After enough time though, it starts to become second nature.

As with diet, it's better to be mindful from the outset. Know what's going in, and know that it's not going anywhere once it's there. Each thing you buy will impact the overall "weight" of your life. Is owning this thing going to make you feel more clear, healthy and light? Or more distracted, lethargic and heavy?

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