Spent some time the other day learning about the effects of online porn on the budding human psyche. It's unsettling to realize how it actually impacted a whole generation growing up with it. How it could've neutered our baseline satisfaction and happiness levels, contributed to depression and anxiety and the treatments and medicating that came about in response, impacted our desires and preferences, our capacity to enjoy relationships, our ideas about sex and love, our social lives, our perception and feelings towards our bodies, our inclinations towards objectifying them, the underlying shame and fear it can instill, the slippery slope of needing more more more to continue to feel pleasure, its influence on prostitution and sex trafficking. I'm sure the list goes on.

And all of it came about, for myself and many others, by accident. One ordinary night, one curious click, and boob boom. Just like that, a nightly ritual begins for millions of developing minds across the planet.

We treat these devices carelessly but they've connected us to all these hooks that have been dug so deeply into our brains where they've influenced our wiring and outlooks from such an early age. It'll be a wonder if we're able to disentangle ourselves and find something resembling sanity and peace, especially as the hooks continue to sink deeper with access becoming ever more seamless and omnipresent and the amount of stimulating content continuing to grow.

I suppose it's good to keep in mind the polar nature of things. Everything has it's opposite side. It might be hard to see at times but it's there, sometimes far in the background or distant future. One in this case being that the thing that feeds the poison also connects to the antidotes. Funny stuff.

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