Thoughts wandering back to humility today, and how deceptive the energy of self righteousness and aggrandizement really is. Delusional states rooted in fear and shame, and all of it based in ideas. Concepts of entitlement and superiority, nonsense passed down across generations.

Humility comes from knowing that one is simply as one is, and that all notions of better or worse are circumstantial and conditional. When we can look around and see that everything is ultimately equal, that we're not more or less than any of it, things like pride and shame turn to dust in an instant.

What's the right thing to do? If we follow our ideas we might strive or push, constantly resisting and challenging what we encounter on the way to our goals. Or we might look back on the past and settle for inflating or deflating ourselves with memories of what's already happened. But if we're centered in the moment and relaxed into what is, all that arises are spontaneous responses to what's here now.

Humans are really beautiful when they're relaxed and responsive in this way, when they aren't lost behind screens of mental noise. They're loving and playful and tender and generous. They like to explore and play and dance and share. And they're strong when they need to be. This is what we're like when we're feeling safe and clear, and not in the grip of our ideas.

It's profoundly ordinary, but we've been cluttered up with so much nonsense. That state of gentle sanity is always there though, waiting for our return.

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