There's wisdom waiting to be released from the processing of every emotion. Once I've gone through it, accute anxiety especially tends to lead to realizing that I messed up somewhere. Usually in relation to boundaries or values, or even just my interpretation of a situation. A wrong turn was made and a course adjustment is needed, either as soon as possible or just moving forward with a permanent adjustment to a certain behavior or pattern.

There are even benefits to feeling more intensely. Since it can be so disruptive and uncomfortable, it makes it all the more necessary to identify cause and correct course. Continuing along in a half-asleep state isn't an option since the impacts and feelings can be nearly intolerable. Recurring issues that might follow others for years without causing sufficient discomfort to warrant addressing can be solved over a restless night or two of concentrated anxiety, if the lesson is explored and extracted.

Once any emotion runs its course, deeper wisdom and understanding is like a fragrance left behind. It can be subtle, floating quietly across the mind as the tide of feeling recedes.

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