The Importance of Awareness

"What ever is there when you're paying the closest attention stands a better chance at 'being real'; than that which appears to be real, when you're not paying attention." - Sam Harris

When a thought, experience, craving - any kind of perception or belief; starts to disintegrate once examined with objectivity you can be sure that it is not real.

Try to follow a thought from its' emergence - presence - through to dissolution from a detached frame of mind. If you can manage this you will be shown that this idea is not permanent.

More specifically though; it can help one understand that an emotion, belief, or anything else that the human mind could produce is not made into an undisputed truth simply because you're able to feel it.

From this, you may recognise that your emotions are just there. That they come into and out of our awareness on their own accord (they are not "ours"); and when we do not attach ourselves to them they will usually pass by without hassle.

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