Two Out Of A Hundred Days

A foggy stupor does not make for a good Tuesday morning. God is in the deatils. This is a note to self. Supplements may be a good thing. The things that work. Even though science says no. My body/mind has no flow. Regimens are good things.

This is still a freeflow. Listed tells me so. What am I to know?

There is work to do today. But I'm hoping against hope that she will call and say her energy was in freefall. You know. Paducah and all. Lazy hardly ever calls.

Keto took a fall. Ah! That may be at least half of the foggy stupor and all! Damn carbs. Begone! When I slip, the nothing becomes the all.

There's not enough coffee in my glass. Iced. It's the temp. The time of year where morning caff styles me.

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