Three Out Of A Hundred Days

Yes. It's three out of a hundred days. Or a better way of looking at it is that its 3 out of 3 days. I don't have a hundred days. Shoot. I don't have 3 days. I have had most of today. And that should be good enough.

Do you notice that I'm talking a little more coherently? The other posts were motivating me to freethink. To type without thinking it through to a conclusion. Freeform.

I am lightheaded. Feeling puny for a couple of days. Don't like this feeling because I think that the bubble may burst and I will be on meds. Do not want to begin to be in that regimen. Not at all.

But depression keeps me in the fold. It shepherds me back into fields of the melancholy.

Okay. Incoherency is back.

I pause and collect thoughts for tomorrow.

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