Day 37: Or So

Been out of pocket for awhile. My laptop decided to be a bottom-feeder. I cut the line. Back in business somewhat. Received Acer computer on Friday. Yes, it was from Prime Days. Well, I've been receiving support ever since I got it.

The bottom line is the bottom line..

Feel very bad for such a long stream of unpublished days. Yes I know there's an Android app. Pshaw.

Have been eating some carbs. Not happy about it. Neither is my gut. Did you ever notice how sweet Wheat Thins and Ritz Crackers are? I have.

Tonight I've had diced chicken breast and lettuce with roma tomato and Kraft Caesar Dressing. Not bad. Ate too much though.

Not going to tell you anymore about my day. So there.

Christianity is such a farce.

Okay. Got that out of my system.

I'm going to write a poem as I sit here:


is a word I heard
that may make its way
or decay
and have its way

Never the sweet,
only the borrowed.

"Love Island" alternate title: "Whoring Galoring".

It's a start.

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