Day 36: Mine and Fine

My coffee is mine and fine. MCT oil. Kroger's whole cream. Only Kroger's. Thick and gloppy. A scoop of hydrolyzed collagen peptides. Then the coffee that changes flavors according to my whim. McDonalds, not from the local McDonald's, the one in the bag. Premium roast. That's a particular favorite. Or today was my last two scoops of Walmart's hazelnut. Good good stuff. Mix it all together. There you go. Oh and if you run out of cream, butter will work. Oil that coffee up. It's good for what ails ya. And you won't be hungry till sometime later in the day.

Mine and fine.

When does "the best is yet to come" arrive? I'm still waiting on my blessing. I mean a real blessing that puts me more in line with those who "much has been given".

Is it by your God you are singled out and blessed and receive the best?

I always love it when Christians have good things happen to them or they receive nice things and everything is going their way and they proclaim to the world, "God has certainly blessed me/us!"

And the people around them nod their heads and respond, "Yes, yes. He certainly has."

But when something bad or a tragedy happens to someone, they'll say, "Well, it's all part of God's plan. He's in control."

They then struggle to explain why these bad things happen to those others.

It's evident that their God of love, their awesome God who blesses also curses people.

But then they twist themselves up to try to explain that it's the devil who curses, not their loving God. God only does good and wondrous things.

Even though their Bible shows otherwise.


This ranting and rambling must be all part of God's plan too.

He's in control.

As for me, I think I will just go on breathing today.

And when this evolutionary body has used its genetically programmed last heartbeat, I will leave a memory. And the world can do with that what they will.

Of course many "believers" in their hearts know that I will have been consigned to hell with the devil and his angels. To suffer and scream and wail and gnash my teeth for eternity.

If only I had gone to church and sat there and sang my songs, and bowed my head while someone else struggled to pray the most beautiful prayer you ever heard or preached a mini-sermon in the form of a prayer while they have a captive audience.

If only I had listened to a preacher give their interpretation of a verse or a story from their infallible "Word of God", which for some reason God has chosen them to give the ultimate explanation for.

If only I had contributed money to their cause of building a nice creature-comforted and technologically outfitted building that shows the world how much God has blessed them.

If only I had done those things, they could walk away from what's left of my body and say, "Well, he's in Heaven now, sitting at the feet of Jesus in glory."

If only.

By the way, you ever notice that they never walk away from a grave and say "Well, they're suffering in hell now. That's too bad. But they're getting what they deserve."

One thing I know for sure at this very moment...

My coffee is not bitter.

It's smooth as silk.

My coffee is mine and fine.

***Added: I wrote this this morning while I was drinking coffee. Posting it at 10:24 p.m. on July 2nd, even though Listed will probably date it as July 3rd.

***Another added: I know my rant on religion sounds pretty bitter. But if your religion works for you, more power to ya. I'm not bitter. I used to be. I just want to point out the hypocrisy of believing in untruths that do more harm to some people than do good.

It's my truth.

"And God saw that it was good."

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