Day 42: Mental Morning

The non-drinking morning hangover is a little less heavy this morning than usual. May be a sign the "mental fever" is breaking. Hope so.

Is there any good reason at all to read Twitter? Let's face it. It's like a group of children jumping up and down with their hands in the air screaming "Choose me! Please! Choose me!"

I do the same. And admit it. You do too.

Our witty repartee is so special. Yeah right.

Speaking of which, there is no good reason for you to be reading this. I'm not writing the great American novel.

Speaking of American, who here truly feels "American"?

We are now tribes without a country.

Are you still trying to convince yourself that cold-brewed coffee, hot or cold, is way so much better than a fresh-brewed mug of Dollar General Toastmaster 5-cup drip of Walmart Columbian coffee?


Afraid you're going to look like you're "not with it."

We are all lemmings.

Why do I use so many commas and quotation marks?

I hated grammar and punctuation in school.

Loved spelling though. Loved English class.

I feel like I'm a poem with no words to use to describe.

A page without print. A pen with no ink.

A wound with no salve to use.

And what is it with my asterisks? Why can't I just ramble?

It's like I want to accentuate my profundity.

(Told ya. I loved English class.)

(And parentheses.)

Yes. I am addicted To Klondike Solitaire. Especially at the Grandmaster level. It takes only one move that you should have or shouldn't have made, that loses the game.

Sounds like life.

But some are dealt the losing hand to begin with. Be honest. You know that's true.

Some are not given a winning hand.

It's a lie that everyone can be a winner.

God is the Joker in the deck isn't he?

Take out the Jokers before you begin the game. No good game includes Jokers.

See? Now you stand a better chance at winning.

That's why solitaire has no Jokers. You would have even worse odds at winning with a Joker in the deck.

It's just you against the deck.

And about a 10% percent chance of winning.

That is, if you play your cards right.

And even if you do make the right moves don't count on winning the game.

It's all chance. The odds are against you.

More later...

(There's always more later.)

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