Day 57: Morning Portfolio

Been awhile. A few days at least. Have been puny. Weak. Fatigued. All those words. Have felt this way most of the summer. It just has gotten worse this last month. And I have the utmost distrust of doctors, or I should say, the medical industry in this country. Heck, I distrust most all authority figures. Mainly because they believe that they are the final authority. I guess an authority would say that my belief system falls under my DSM diagnosis. But today is the day that I have to find out what's wrong.

Coffee tastes especially good this morning. Especially after hardly being able to lift my head from the pillow and make it down the hallway to the kitchen.

Reading my morning email newsletter "5 things" from CNN. Learned that I need to update Windows 10. It could be vulnerable to being "wormable". Aren't we all? But that's not one of the 5 things. These are...

"Jeffrey Epstein had "multiple breaks in his neck bones," according to an autopsy..." That's to get your juices flowing. Especially if you don't read any further. The breaks are consistent with hanging. But that will be discounted as the day goes along.

"Asian markets stumbled this morning, after Wall Street suffered its worst day of the year." My non-stock non-portfolio non-financial plan laughed.

The "Wild West" can't hold a candle to the present day American shooting range.

Sex abuse. New York. 400 cases. One day. One year to file. Alabama and most of the South could probably top that. Child brides and all.

Hong Kong protestors? Meet the "People's Armed Police Force". Trump is salivating at that idea.

There's more after the main five. But that ought to be enough to feed your depression and anxiety for the day. It's like the pharmacy for pessimists.

But we all are drug addicts now.

Amazing I had enough energy and concentration to do this much.

I have a trip coming up that I'm really looking forward to. Get to be with my daughter.

That's what's in my portfolio.

More later. There's always more later.

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