Day 64: Hell Yells

I want to scream. I need to yell. Next door neighbor's dog has been barking for 6 days straight. This is my 6th year of listening to it. I live in a county that has no noise ordinances, no animal ordinances,hell, practically no ordinances at all. I've probably written about this before but it bears repeating. I truly believe people have been given permission to be complete and utter assholes by the example we have in The White House. And those of us who want to mind our own business and live in peace are not going to be allowed t. Because we will be pushed around and against. We will be disturbed and agitated. We will be schooled in tyrannical measures. We will lose.

I know you're thinking...all this because of a barking dog? Well anyone who has had this same experience will tell you that there's nothing worse than a continuous disturbing of your peace by someone's animal that they don't deserve to own. It gets into your head.

Enough said.

I'm going to get ahead of everyone. The Word of the Year for 2019 will be...fucking. No contest. No fucking contest.

... Yes. I love me some asterisks. F*ckin' A.

If I don't walk, the demons will devour me. They're waiting as I sit. The walker needs to walk because hell yells.

More later. There's always more later.

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