Day 68: Enjoy The Show

How To Win At Solitaire: don't play it.

How To Win At Being Solitary: resign yourself.

How To Win At Being: consider it an alternative reality.

How To Win: expect the worst.

My question is: Why did humans have to be commanded in the first place if they had received the knowledge of good and evil from the fruit of the tree in the "Garden"? Are we like dogs and horses and have to be trained to obey commands? To me we are all just a part of that God's put-on dog and pony show.

(Caveat. I am not a Christian believer. Or for that matter, not much of an anything believer. Woof. Woof.)

Inspired by:

The best way to celebrate (or mourn) the end of Daylight Savings Time is to drink an extra hour.

More later. There's always more later.

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