2019-12-10 Dubai is a shithole

Dubai is a shit hole of a country in my opinion. There is nothing but steel, glass, sand and a load of either A. Pretentious arseholes or B. Modern day slaves. I find the whole place pretty disgusting. Sure the weather is nice in the winter compared to Europe but that is it. Honestly I feel like it could be one of the most overrated places on earth. For me it is also describes everything that is wrong with humanity. A land of building more stuff, spend more money, consume more things. The hypocrisy of the place is ridiculous too. No booze, unless it's hidden - and believe me the Emirati drink booze for sure. There is this undertone of oppression of women too which I despise. There is also a massive class divide, both defined by money but also by race - Pakistanis, Indians and others are totally second class citizens and are usually in low paid jobs, over worked and treated like shit.

The Palm is lauded as some paradise island. It's just a gravelly beach surrounded by building sites. The Atlantis at the end is just some over-hyped monstrosity of a hotel, over priced and full of tourists I've rather avoid.

Prostitution is in all the major hotels an on plain sight, and yet shows of public affection between a husband and wife are frowned upon. Again major hypocrisy.

No-one has a story. No-one has a background or history of the place they are staying or working. It's just a multicultural melting pot of people there to consume. There is no history, or if there is it's just buried into oblivion.

I was there on work, but I kind of feel bad for even contributing to that economy. I'm part of the problem not part of the solution. Honestly, when leaving there I was ready to go and felt like shit for being a human. I also started to feel more resentment for other humans. Just looking around at everyone in their designer gear, label fiends. Sure I got to go there for work, but it's not somewhere I would travel under my own choice.

I've travelled to Dubai three times and it doesn't get any better. Each time I travel, I'm just thrilled to get out of there. I honestly can't see the attraction. If meet someone who loves the place, I really start to question their judgement. Sure this is pretty judgemental of me, but fuck it this is how I feel and my opinion is my opinion. Honestly, if you are thinking of travelling to that hell hole. Just don't bother.

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