2019-10-06 Netbook thoughts, plus a family out on their tablets

2019-10-06 Netbook thoughts, plus a family out on their tablets

So I'm typing this on my little netbook toy laptop again. Just using a simple notepad text editor. I'll then paste into standard notes. I still like standard notes, but I still prefer plain text files for longevity. They really will be fully functioning in years to come. I also love that I can use any text editor of my choice to edit these files. This works the best for me. I do love standard notes and the encryption it offers, but I just fell in love with plain text files a few years ago, so I’ll probably just keep everything in that format as I go forwards. There really isn’t a better way to journal in my opinion, especially if all I’m doing is typing plain text.

Weird Family

We went out for a drink at a local boozer. We love that pub especially after a ncie walk with the doat down and there was this really weird family next to us. Husband, Wife, Son, Daughter. g. SAll of them around a table with their iPads on the table looking at the screens. The dad even had his headphones in to watch some video. The mum was shopping for shoes. I don’t know what the kids were watching or gaming. We spoke to them briefly (before they put their heads back down into their tablets. They couldn’t have a dog as they both worked full-time. How mental is that, they work all week away from their kids and yet they then spend the weekend in a really nice boozer looking at iPads each. I guess that’s the modern way of the world. I don’t see that very often which is good. I know I shouldn’t be judgemental and let’s face it we all use our tech all the time, but there have to be some times that are sacred, especially times out and about. Maybe they are all tuned in to each other when at home and this is their special time out when they can all sit on their devices. Maybe I’m just old fashioned, and like I said, who am I to judge what other people do with their kids.

Getting pestered for presents

It’s my birthday soon enough and I’m getting pestered for what I want for my birthday. I’m lucky in that I’m a man that has pretty much everything I need. This causes tension at birthday times as I can’t tell anyone what to get me as a gift. I really can’t think of anything I need. Sure maybe a new bit of tech would be good, but I really don’t need anything. What’s the point in a new camera or a new laptop? My existing kit performs exactly as I need it to. It performs really well. I guess I could do with a new 2TB external drive which would be my life drive - storing all of my text, photos and music on it. But again, I don’t really need this so it seems a bit pointless to just buy one.

End of another week

I’m writing this on a Sunday, I don’t know when I will publish it, but another week has flown by. That’s crazy really we are punching through October faster than ever. I’m back on the daily writing which is nice, I’m reading a lot again which feels much healthier than just sitting on my phone or laptop pissing around not really learning anything just running down the clock until the end of my life.

The tiny underpowered laptop for staying productive in writing

The smaller and more underpowered laptop the better it is for writing. I really believe this to be true. The great thing about a little laptop is that you really don't get distracted by a web browser. Mainly becasue it's so underpowered

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