2019-12-12 Shooting in Mono

Yesterday I spent the day shooting in mono.

I usually always prefer colour photography, but for some reason yesterday was a black and white day. I think that reflects my mood. I'm not feeling much colour in my life. Infact, as I said yesterday I'm really in a bit of a funk. I know everyone gets like that, but that is unusual for me.

That said, I love the mono shots there is something quite nice about stripping back photography to a raw date of commotion, light and form. Sometimes colour just gets in the way of the story. I want to shoot more black and white. I always revert back to colour as then "I have the option" to convert to B&W, but I never do. When I shoot in B&W (setting to high contrast mono or grainy film preset) I have no choice in going to colour. What is done is done. That is the moment captured.

So back to the funk. What is a funk anyway? Funk is funky, not something bad. But the funk is how I would describe my mood. I badly need to get myself motivated again. I'm hoping that some writing and photography will help. I'm bouncing around with a love hate relationship with social media again. I must install and uninstall Instagram every week. Twitter I'm flirting with again, but I don't know why - for what reason. Plus I'm back here writing again after a long hiatus. I guess I just want to produce stuff and share it. A bit like the black and whit photos. What was the point in shooting them to not share them. A bit like this writing, what's the point in writing it if not to share.

I think overall I just want to be more authentic. Maybe more on that some other time.

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