2019-12-13 Thoughts on the General Election

So the conservatives have smashed the general election. Boris defeated Jeremy and gets to gloat in his victory. I was totally divided on this one, and have become pretty disillusioned with the whole thing. I voted, I decided that I should event though I didn't really want to. I would have voted for the Tories as no way was I voting for Labour. But.... Brexit. I voted to stay in the EU so how could I then vote for a party that was going to smash us out of the EU (although I sort of respect democracy so think we should maybe honour the vote to leave).

I voted Lib Dem. A kind of pointless vote really. Firstly it was never going to have an effect in my area. Secondly if they did actually get in power they'd for sure mess things up. So why did I vote that way, was caught in between a rock and a hard place. I voted by post over a week before polling day. That has it's advantages in that I don't have to watch all the dross in the week before the election. Has the disadvantage that if something radical changes I've already cast my vote.

So as I woke to a massive conservative win I had totally mixed feelings, but it wasn't a surprise. L

On Brexit

It's going to happen. We are out of Europe. At least now we will have some sort of closure on what seems to have dragged on for ever. We can say goodbye to our European friends and move on. I think there will still be masses of disruption for years to come. If there was an opportunity to stay I would gladly take it, but now the conservatives are in so let's get it done.

On the NHS

I fear for the NHS. I think the Tories will screw it up somehow. Probably sell bits of off to their mates. This institution is too important to too many people to mess up.

On Labour

They really did manage to right royally mess themselves up in this election. Being accused anti-semites didn't help. I don't really know the basis of this, but it seemed to do some major damage.

On the map

This says a lot about the state of the UK and filter bubbles.

Cities - Labour
Wales - Labour
Countryside - Conservative
Scotland - Wants out

This has always been the same so no real change there, but I does show the fragmentation of the UK. Sure some of these seats are closer than others. I still feel these elections are getting more decisive and nasty than ever.

Other random thoughts

  • The state will get massive new powers. Facial recognition and other intrusive technologies here we come.
  • Boris Johnson in power, this will totally go to his head. This guy is going to be a megalomaniac.
  • The fallout over the next month or so will be all about politics.
  • I bet loads of young people didn't bother to vote.

On the Future

Things will go on and be just fine, I have no doubt about that. The world will keep turning. The UK will still have a decent economy (in part thanks to London). The poor will still get a rough deal like they always do. There will be more moaning and complaining from all sides. I'll avoid the news as much as possible. Being ignorant perhaps is bliss.

So that pretty much rounds off my thoughts on this general election.

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