touching the void annotation

The passage shows the use of many different feelings and senses, for example, when the narrator says that "Simon is some distance ahead", he is using the sense of vision. later in the text, there is a feeling of awe as they reach the peak of the mountain and look around them. the mood quickly switches to foreboding, as they mention the fact that they have no way to be rescued, and are completely alone, which is also an example of foreshadowing, for when Simon breaks his leg later.this mention of complete isolation is a huge change in mood from the relaxing, calm mood that was in the passage earlier. The relaxed mood is shown by the author using phrases like "I was no longer concerned about speed or fitness since we were pretty evenly matched.", and "I was not in a hurry". The rest of the passage is using the sense of vision to describe how beautiful and intimidating the horizon looks from the peak that they just climbed.

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What caught my interest this year?

When I learned the scope of what I could build or do for a personal project, it definitely peaked my interest. I was looking forward to building something I would be happy to use and to learn about, but at the same time have to do something challenging and useful. Throughout the building process, I learned the skills of welding, working with metal, and certain power tools, along with race driving, and the general functions of a go kart. My personal project was converting a pedal powered cart into an electric one by making modifications to the chassis (by welding parts on to hold the battery, motor mount, etc), and even learning how to wire things. All of this peaked my interest because I have been very passionate about cars, driving and mechanics since a young age, and thought that learning to weld and work in a workshop would be a useful skill in the future.