Rules of Depression (work in progress)

I will be updating this list of discoveries during this awful state I am in. This only applies to my experience so don’t take it as bible

  1. Moving around (in any form) usually helps.

  2. Doing the thing that you know you shouldn’t be doing, feels really good, for the time being. Then you feel terrible again.

  3. The threshold of doing that thing that makes you sad is very easy to cross. It's almost effortless.

  4. Reading old things you’ve written seems to help in the short term.

  5. No new object or objects will really help you (unless the cause of your sad state is physical, and the new object will improve your physical state), so don’t try and buy or acquire anything supplemental, thinking said object will solve your problem. Stick to what you already have in your possession, and make it work, until you can claw your way out of the hole you are in

  6. Being around people helps, although sometimes you want to avoid people.

  7. Take a video of yourself and what you're doing and then watch it. i havent done this yet, but i imagine watching it would be the most deplorable cringe thing ever, and would inspire me not to continue my shitty behaviors.

  8. Do not eat large meals consisting of shitty food at 4am. it will make you feel good for a few minutes, but you will wake up the next day feeling like absolute shit

  9. watch a crazy movie (in theaters)

  10. don't go on your phone! don't do it!

  11. respond to people as soon as they hit you up (or when is convenient). the more you avoid people, the more you will sink into a hole. also, the more you avoid peoples message's, the less likely you will be to respond to those old messages, when you are ready to. cause you will see their message bubble and will feel guilty about just responding months later. And you will have to make up some sorry excuse like, "Damn, not sure how i missed this", or "Sorry my phone has been acting up i'm just seeing this now". just respond. why not?

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