Lesson 94 (Intermediate 3 Lesson 9)

There is no test for Intermediate 3. We found out somewhere in the middle of the lesson, after we had completed Chapter 12 and were moving into the revision paper.

This means that this is the last lesson for Intermediate 3. It also explains why I received the cert for this level together with the next set of notes in this past week.

It turns out that… we have indeed been speeding through the chapters (averaging 2 lessons per chapter instead of 2.5). I certainly noticed it somewhat (quite hard not to notice when I write a post for each lesson) but I thought it was things speeding up as this was the new usual pace, being in the intermediate level.

That was cleared up today.

After the lesson last week, the teacher messaged us to ask if we would be fine with changing our lesson time. While it was not confirmed, it was to do with our teacher having to possibly take over the class of another teacher. If there are changes, it will only come about in December, so it is also not immediate. What the teacher said is that she would update us again if there are changes. However, there was additional context today given. At the start of the class, the teacher did say that all of us were okay with the adjusted timing. But after we finished Chapter 12, the teacher said that there was no test, plus we were going at a faster pace, because the existing class is ahead of us.

So it is not that our class timing is shifting, but rather, it is merging our class with another class. From what I can see on Quizlet (it has the classes, and they are marked by the date/time and also which teacher), that class has 9 members. That is quite a lot, if you take away say 1 that is the teacher, that means there are 8 students? Though usually the school only has a class size that is I think maximum 8 or 9, so I don’t know if it is just that the teacher had not pruned some of the students who have already quit.

Today, we did the textbook, and then covered the video script. Instead of the test, we have slightly more (extra) homework in the form of some “pattern practice” sheet. No wonder the revision sheet was so thick compared to usual.

Culture Note

The culture note was about an expression to say two people look alike. You say that it is exactly like 붕어빵 (“carp bread”). It is very similar to the Japanese snack taiyaki (except that is modelled after the tai fish, not carp).

The point being that these snacks are made using a fish-shaped mold, so each piece looks the same.


The pronunciation was about words where the final consonant is ‘ㄻ’.

When the final double consonant ‘ㄻ’ is followed by the initial consonant of the next syllable, only [ㅁ] is pronounced.

  • 닮는 [담는]
  • 젊네요 [점네요]

After the final consonant ‘ㄻ’, ‘ㄱ, ㄷ, ㅅ, ㅈ’ in the intial consonants of the next syllable are pronounced as [ㄲ, ㄸ, ㅆ, ㅉ].

  • 닮고 [담꼬]
  • 젊다 [점따]
  • 젊습니다 [점씁니다]
  • 닮지 [담찌]

Naturally, if you have the next syllable starting with a vowel, the usual applies:

  • 닮았어요 [달마써요]

I went back to review the old pronunciation rules that related to double consonants. It was back in Lesson 55. To my surprise, ㄹ actually comes before ㅁ in the alphabet order, and yet… we pronounce [ㅁ] here. The textbook never said that it is in alphabet order; that came from the teacher then way back in Lesson 11.

For now, I will try to remember this as-is, that this one is prononunced with the [ㅁ] sound.


Korean English Notes
어른 adult 어른스럽다 = mature. 저 동생은 열 살인데 어른처럼 말해요.
자매 sisters 姊妹
피부 관리를 받다 to receive a facial Seems that 피부 관리 might just refer to generic skin care?
파마를 하다 to get a perm, have one’s hair permed
앞머리를 다듬다 to trim bangs
염색을 하다 to dye 검게 머리 염색을 하다
새롭다 to be new
제스처 gesture
속마음 inner thoughts


  • Chapter 12 Reading & Writing
  • Revision Sheet


  • Students: 4 out of 5 (guy wasn’t here)
  • Breakout room activities: Yes, with the same person for the 2 rounds. Initially, when only 3 of us were in the class, we remained in the main room for Speaking 1.

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