Day 24: Scowl

Just got through watching that documentary about The Jonas Brothers, "Chasing Happiness".

Don't think they've caught it.

Just look at their faces as they are reunited now. Scowls. That's what I see. Scowls. And believe me, I know what a scowl is. I was born with one.

Honestly, if you have seen this movie, did you feel happier at the beginning or the end? See? Told you so. The scowl gave it away.

America and Americans are scowling. Happiness is an artificial construct. People are cramming as much organic and natural into their faces and onto their bodies as they can to remove the scowl.

Doesn't work.

Happiness happens organically.

We, America, and by extension, the Jonases, have become artificial, overly-processed, unnatural.


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