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I have a proclivity to pay attention to people's basic beliefs on which they construct their arguments. It's more fun when it's delusional because you have to get through all the furious vocabulary they try to rile you up.

A winning argument is usually one that enrages the opposing party, and then they are much better equipped to navigate an angry argument to make someone appear like a fool.

So it's critical to simply probe at their reasoning until they run out of reasons and declare their fundamental belief.

Then you understand that their argument is founded on incorrect assumptions about what is going on.

Emotions used in the analysis of emotions in chapter

Emotions used in the analysis of emotions in chapter

In the book Touching The Void by the author Joe Simpson, I will be describing the emotions experienced by the writer as we read in paragraph one page twenty one. In this paragraph the main emotion is the feeling of isolation. This sets the tone for the paragraph. In this text the use of language techniques such as adjectives, ellipsis, alliteration, opposites indicates the different emotions in this paragraph. For example: “ .. I knew what it meant to feel isolated from people .... “ would also be one example of the two characters feeling isolated. They might be feeling isolated because they are climbing a mountain and there is nobody there besides the two of them. However I also do think the author is trying to foreshadow the feeling of happiness. I think I can get a hint of this sense of happiness from this sentence “ I became aware of a feeling of complete freedom - to do what I wanted when I wanted to, in whatever manner.” I think this gives a huge indication that the author, Joe, is feeling really happy due to the lack of responsibilities compared to if was living in the city.